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Life Ka Remote Control:

We always want things to happen our way in life, but that hardly happens. 

We find that many other people and circumstances are actually controlling our life. Then we feel unhappy about it, but feel helpless.

This is the story of 99% of humanity. some accept it, some do not! But remember, unless we accept anything, we cannot change it.

If you wish to change the story and take the strings of your life into your own hands, now there is an easy way available for you!

We have a one day workshop that can shift your life for ever.

We know that you not only are going to follow the things taught to you in this one day workshop throughout your life, but you are also going to recommend this wirkshop to all your friends and to people you care about.

We designed this workshop specially on demand of many less educated people who were finding it difficult to develop life skills due to the fact that most of the life perfecting workshops are conducted in English. 

We have been conducting this one full day workshop in Marathi and Hindi, specially to help the less educated people know how to control their life and become happier and more succdessful in life.

Our next workshop is a whatsapp workshop in Hindi. It begins on 9th January 2018.

To Register for it, please fill the form below and follow instructions below.

Registration form

Our next workshop is a whatsapp workshop

This 8 week workshop begins on 9.1.2018

Fees for this workshop is just Rs 4000/-

Registration process:

1: Fill the form above and submit.

2: Deposit the fees by paytm to 9870044254

3: After successful deposit, call 9870044254 to confirm the receipt. 

4: If you have any questions about the workshop, feel free to ask them by calling 9820044254

5: If you wish to organize a personal workshop, do generate a group of interested participants and contact us on 9820044254

Life Ka Remote Control

Life Ka Remote Control


Learn the simple techniques of controlling your life in Hindi or Marathi. Change the way in which you look at life and become a happier person in one day by comppleting this registration.

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