Aura Reading & Healing

          Aura is the energy field around us. This is made up of matter in plasma state and as a result, it is transluscent. In west, people claim to see it with the help of Kirilian camera, but actually, if trained well, one can even see it with normal eyes. Yet, some spirituality business people do not believe that this is actually possible.

          We at Multiversity of success, teach our students to see the Aura with normal eyes, and at the same time, heal the aura in turn healing many old ailments and also preventing many upcoming ailments of a person without any medicines or without any difficult healing processes.

          In our Aura Healing workshop, we teach a seeker to 

  1.  Feel aura by hands, 
  2.  See aura with normal eyes in normal light situations
  3. Know of Chakras and their colours
  4. Understanding colours seen in chakras and their actual meaning
  5. Knowing of the danger signals in aura
  6. Correcting the auras that contain ailments or danger signals and convert them into healthy ones.
  7. Checking the auras of people who are away from us.
  8. Healing auras of people from distance.\
  9. Protecting aura at various levels.
  10. understanding and preventing psychic attacks.

          All this is taught in a few sessions in a workshop in a group. For Aura healing workshop, we prefer a group, just because, when the seekers are in a group, they can have a better practice of seeing aura in the presence of each other.

          Those who wish to know more about Aura and attend the Aura healing workshop can either call us at 9820044254 or fill up the registration form and send it to us.