Meditation is a simple way to get introduced to our own self. If we meditrate daily, we can handle majority of our problems and health issues. It is very easy to meditate. Some people feel that meditation is breathing in a specific way, some feel mediattion is focusing on something, some others feel it is chanting of some mantras, but meditation is neither of these, These are just ways to make our mind still. Meditation is staying with a still mind for a while.

     Mind is something that never stays still even for a moment. the moment we let it loose, it runs to some or other thought. Then it gets hooked on to some thought and this state causes stress. The stress in turn causes unrest and later it causes ailments. So, if we control the habit of mind to get hooked on to any thought, we can prevent all future problems arising out of it. This is the reason why meditation is so important.

     Remember, mind is like a small child. The more you try to control the mind, more it runs around.So, we need to first learn how to let go of thoughts and how to let go of the habit of running to thoughts seen in our mind. Also, if the mind is not staying stable, and if thoughts afre constantly coming to mind while tryuing to focus, it is not because there is anything wrong with the mind of that person. It is because, this is normal habit of a normal mind.

     We all know that a healthy mind stays in a healthy body and vice versa. If mind loses health, the body becomes unhealthy in some time. Similarly, if body is unhealthy, mind becomes irritable. It is medically proved that 99% of the ailments originate in the mind. So, when we know the psychology of ailments, we can remove the root cause of it from the mind.

     Initial meditation can be practiced in a very simple way by following a few simple steps:

  1. Take a wash or bath
  2. Wear fresh clean loose clothes
  3. Sit or lie down in a peaceful silent place
  4. Close your eyes if you so wish
  5. Just watch your thoughts
  6. Whenever you get hooked on to any thought, watch it.
  7. At such times, slowly, unhook your mind from that thought and let the thought travel away.
  8. Watch the next thought, and thought following it.
  9. Keep doing it for as much time as you want.
  10. In between, if you feel like closing your eyes & sleeping, go ahead.
  11. Remember, sleeping for a while during meditation is no wrong. It's just a sign of deep relaxation.
  12. When you feel you are done, get up slowly and start your routine.  

     Once you develop a habit of this way of mediating, follow further guided meditations. Here are a few links for initial meditations that you can follow:



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