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VISHITAO is a method of healing events and persons with the help of energized energy field. Here, one first creates an energy field, then visualizes his desired event in it, and then energizes it with necessary delineations put on that field in the necessary order.

This is THE ONLY HEALING METHOD in the entire energy as well as the non-energy healing fields practiced throught out Globewhere TOUCHING A PATIENT by the practitioner DURING TREATMENT OR DIAGNOSIS is NOT AT ALL required.

The complete diagnosis and healing of a patient or event or situation or relationship happens here, just by a technique of distance healing done after a simple breathing method.


The first class of VISHITAO was conducted on 1.1.1996. Ever since that day, every year, on the 1st January, class of Vishitao is being conducted. 

This simple method of healing has shifted many lives since 1996.

The best part of Vishitao is that it never produces any adverse results or supports any intention meant to harm anyone. 

The energy field produces harmony and well being in any area about which one is putting any intention.

Also, if the intention of sender is totally negative, and if the sender wants to harm anyone, then energy field gives indication to the sender that intention needs to be revised.

Only after the intention is revised and the intention is presented as beneficial & positive for the sender without mentioning any negative thing for any one, energy field starts working.

So, we can say that this is an absolutely safe method that anyone can use without any risk of mistake and adverse or side effect.





VISHITAO is taught in 4 different levels. Some seekers learn these levels one by one with breaks as per their convenience. 

Some learn all these levels together in a three day workshop. 

The first is the basic level that teaches the healer how to create and energize the energy field. Here, a healer learns two delineations or energy Mandalas that produce healing. With this level, one can start healing many people, situations and events that one learns to heal in many other healing methods. But here, he finds that speed of healing is much more accelerated.

The second level is mental level of healing. Here, healer learns six delineations or energy Mandalas that produce healing. With this level, one understands the mind-body relationship, mental blocks and their power to create negative events and prevent goodluck, reasons of having these mental blocks and ways of counselling to let a person know of them and handle them, along with developing the ability to work on events to be created or enhanced but still depend on mental readiness for manifestation.

The third level is material level of healing. This stage is a step above other known healing methods. Here we work on actual physical events and change them, like changing the temperature around us, reducing the swelling on any body part etc. Here, a healer learns twelve delineations or energy Mandalas that produce healing. With this level, one starts working on material level of events.

The fourth level is spiritual level of healing. Here, a healer learns five delineations or energy Mandalas that produce healing. This level enables a person not just to achieve good spiritual progress, but also to reach the state of liberation in right sense, very much in ones own life time. So, after learning this level, one knows how to conquer one's own being and in turn how to conquer things around, by dropping all attachments. Of course, even the attachment to conquer drops off here, and eventually a person emerges as an invincible  unstoppable winner. With this level, one is also known as a vishitao master. Here one learns how to diagnose the problem, how to reach the root cause of the problem, and then how to handle it to produce healing.

One can learn all these four levels of Vishitao can be learned one by one as per convenience or can be learned together in continuation in a 4 day workshop as announced by Multiversity of success.


On the last day of the 4 day vishitao session, there is a Guest session and convocation of successful candidates. The successful candidates share their experiences and heal their guests before they are awarded the certificates and Vishitao Master Healer pins.


After this workshop, there is a follow up session announced at the end of the 4 day session. In the follow up session, one can share his experiences. and also invite the patients whom one has healed during this period so that these patients can share their experiences.

Such follow-up sessions are helpful for the healers to develop greater confidence in healing different things and events, and also help them develop combinations of different techniques in order to produce speedy and powerful healing.


While learning Vishitao online, one has to first register by filling up the following form.

Then after one communicates with the master.

He has to send his details like full name, photograph and date of birth, as well as the reason why he wants to learn Vishitao.

The master goes through all the details, scan the seeker and then decides whether the seeker is capable of receiving vishitao or not.

Once the seeker is accepted as a vishitao seeker, the seeker has to transfer the fees to the said account.

Once the above formalities are complete, the seeker gets the soft copy of the study material 

Then the trainer and seeker fix the First video conference with mutual convenience.

Here, the trainer tells the seeker what all he must initially focus on while reading and understanding the study material.

Then preferably there is the Second session of video call training where seeker is explained the principles, rules & symbols of vishitao.

He is also shown how to create an energy field and use symbols on it.

But in this session the seeker is not initiated. 

He is just asked to practice without initiation for a day to know how he feels the energies without initiation.

On the Third day in the next session, he is initiated after he shares his experiences of using the energy fields.

Here, he also tries the same things again while online and tests the difference in his experiences.

He is given further tips of healing with Vishitao Basic level here.

On the Fourth day, the seeker meets the trainer and discusses his experiences and asks his queries about further use of Vishitao.

With all these questions answered, the basic training of Vishitao gets concluded. Each of the above session lasts for about 30 minutes.

Then preferrably on the next day or with two days break as per the mutual choice, the training for the second level begins.

This follows more or less the same pattern of sessions as in basic level.

The only difference is in number of sessions & their duration as per number of symbols & possible uses of different symbols.

This also differs from seeker to seeker where the trainer decides the specific uses that the seeker must learn.

With the training of all the 4 levels of Vishitao, one learns all intricate details about various areas of life that can be healed.


Once all the 4 levels are done, a seeker gets ready to learn level 5.

Here the seeker learns how to apply the Vishitao symbols and methods in specific situations. 

This level is  called APPLIED VISHITAO that is to be learned only after successful conclusion of 4 levels of Vishitao.

Once the seeker completes even this level, he is fully ready and equipped to use Vishitao in various walks of life.


After one uses the vishitao applications successfully for about 3 years, he gets qualified to start with the teachers' training of Vishitao.

The terms and conditions of Vishitao Teachers' training depend on the readiness and dedication of the seeker towards Vishitao.

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