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Distance healing is done after appropriate diagnosis here 

Save your time energy & money by opting for distance healing.


Healing is a process of re-establishing the lost harmony. This means, whenever we restore the equilibrium of anything, we are healing it. So we can heal a person, an animal, a plant, a place, the nature, the natural events, the minsets, the relations, the success etc.

Yet, generally healing is asociated with restoring the physical harmony by removing the ailments. Most of the times, we use medicines with chemical base to do this, and this process is commonly called medication. There are times when even surgical intervention is done for restoring the physical harmony. But healing is not t used to represent these phenomena. Healing is a word used to indicate medicineless methods that use touch, pressure, diet, exercise, counselling, meditation, distance energising etc for restoring harmony.

When a patient is present in front of a healer during the healing session, the healing is called personal healing while whenever the patient is away from the healer during the healing session, it is called distance healing or absentee healing.

We provide both types of healings. For personal healing, patient has to visit our clinic by appropriate appointment. For distance healing, patient can call us or mail us or follow the procedure given below. Let us see both personal & distance healing here:


When a patient is present in front of a healer during the healing session, the healing is called personal healing. For receiving a personal healing, a petient needs to call us, fix an appointment at our clinic, and be present at the said time to see our healer. This time, a patient has to come with all the reports of various tests he has already gone through, in order to minimize the diagnosis timing.

During the first sesion, the healer does a complete diagnosis of the patient, and lets the patient know the root cause of his problem. Healer also gives him the initial healing either by touch, pressure counselling or by working on his aura and chakras from distance while patient is very much in front of the healer. Here, the healer chooses the healing method to be used to heal the patient.

After the first session of healing, the healer guides the patient as to how many more healing sessions will be needed for the patient to get fully cured. if need be, a healer also suggests the distance healing with a weekly or fortnightly personal followup session.



Yet, Healing done without adequate diagnosis is likely to be slow & unreliable as far as visible results are concerned.

This is the reason why, when a patient approaches us for distance healing, we begin with diagnosis.

The diagnosis begins after the patient opts for it & confirms  by depositing the diagnosis charges of 30$ via PayPal. 

To start diagnosis, we first take the history of the patient, talk to the patient and then conduct a detailed diagnosis of the patient.

Here, we check all chakras at all the seven layers of aura, we check all physical systems of the patient, we check the past life & karmic influences on the patient, we check traumas & stress faced by the patient, and we also check the willingness of patient to get healed.

This diagnosis takes about maximum of 120 hours after which the reports are mailed to the id provided by the patient or his relatives.

Then we mail the diagnosis report to patient or his relatives with further healing suggestions like healing duration needed, number of healers needed to give best healing results in least possible time, diet & exercises patient needs to take during the healing period, do's and don'ts patient has to follow during the healing period, along with the quotation of healing charges.

Once  patient or his relatives approve to go in for healing & confirm approval by depositing  healing charges via PayPal,

We choose the required number of healers, give them the necessary details of the patient with healing instructions, & healing begins.

Generally This healing process starts latest in 48 hours after the confirmation for healing is done. 

After this, the said number of healers from our Healers' group, start healing the patient daily for about 30 to 40 minutes each.

Since each healer is allotted a separate time zone for healing, the patient receives multiple healing sessions every day.

The patient or his relatives are expected to drop a regular mail at least once every week to report the progress of the patient to enable our guides and healers to monitor the healing progress in order to provide assured results to every patient. 

Once healing is successfully concluded, we appreciate if the patient sends a review of his or her healing experience by recording a video or by sending us a text mail or by sending an audio clip as one finds convenient. 

Role of Diagnosis in healing:

No healing is perfect and fast without perfect diagnosis. We have a unique method of examining the pationts with distance diagnosis that is very effective in nature. here, along with checking the basic physical conditions, we also check the mind, chakra, element, aura situations of the patient. this helps a healer know the root cause of the problem & how exactly to proceed in the healing. 

Soul Urjaa Diagnostic centre has a list of tests performed to diagnose the root cause of problems.

The most popular tests are:

  • FULL BODY BASIC CHECK UP: (FBC)                          FEES: 2500/- INR
  • KARMIC DIAGNOSIS ANALYSIS: (KDA)                     FEES: 3500/- INR
  • STRESS DIAGNOSIS ANALYSIS: (SDA)                      FEES: 2500/- INR

Diagnosis offered in the crisis situation:

In present time, going out for any reason whatsoever, is not different from risking our lives. This is true especially for senior citizen with some or other pre-existing medical health condition. But with the change in climate, some or other health problems keep arising, and we are afraid of going out to see a doc, also because many small private clinics are also not operating these days. So, Soul Urjaa has come up with a unique solution to handle this situation. They are giving you a basic diagnosis of mind-body-soul health just from your full name, age or birth date & photograph that sent over WhatsApp. For this just charge nominal amount of 100 rupees is to be sent by PayTm or Google Pay to any of these numbers with patient details to; 9870044254, 9167178372, 9773545230,

This diagnosis consists of the checking of, 


Though the regular charges for diagnosis of all these things is very high as you might have seen, in present scenario, Soul Urjaa is offering this diagnosis just for a meger cost of 100 rupees to be sent through paytm or google pay while sending  details of the patient. 

Of course in case of poor people who cannot even afford 100 rupees, we take just their thanks as our energy exchange! This is our small contribution to the society in present crisis. 

Also our healers who will be doing this diagnosis will be just keeping a small amount of the charges with themselves as a token and donating the rest to the relief fund being gatherd to meet this crisis.

So, please take advantage of the diagnosis and then choose to get treated with distance healing if need be.

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