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So, Feng Shui is a science of balancing elements, especially the wind, i.e. air and water in area.


Feng Shui (which means “wind and water”) is the ancient art of placement. It is an Eastern philosophy that, among other things, determines how you can position and structure the items that make up your personal living space to achieve maximum benefits in terms of health, mental peace, financial success, job satisfaction and spiritual fulfillment.

But it was never the intention of the Chinese masters who developed the philosophy of Feng Shui thousands of years ago to suggest that all these wonderful benefits could be achieved by a simple rearrangement of the things of your physical world.

Rather, the ancients believed that equal attention should be paid to the inner person in terms of lifestyle factors, such as exercise and diet, channeling the natural energy forces, and working with the powerful influence of the stars.

This internalized approach to health is known as ‘inner Feng Shui’ incorporating inner and outer Feng Shui into your daily life may therefore be seen as a journey of enlightenment and one that also takes in other important spiritual approaches along the way.

Feng Shui, like Indian Vaastu Shastra, believes that the directions play an important role in the luck of an individual. Each direction represents a certain aspiration. It also represents a certain element. This means that when the elements in each direction are in perfect balance, the place has the potential to produce the best luck for the persons staying there.

In addition to the directions, Feng Shui also gives a special importance to the various positions in the house irrespective of the direction. 

This thought has given rise to the form school of Feng Shui. Here we can correct the house problems without considering the directions.

But the fact remains that each direction has its own energies and we cannot ignore it. We have to give due importance to them.

The form school is good for correcting the Feng Shui of things that have no specific direction, i.e. the moving things like cars or advertisement banners or hoardings etc. at other places the remedies applied just with form school are seen to show only temporary effect.

Then comes the compass school that gives due importance to both. 

Also we have personal Feng Shui that can help us get the best of all schools.

We provide the training of form school and compass school of feng shui in a 2 day training. Please check for the dates of training in our Workshop calender.


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Career opportunity with Feng Shui:

You can register here for the Feng Shui workshop if you wish to learn Feng Shui and start career as a Feng Shui consultant.

For that, you need to attend our Feng Shui training for form school, compass school and personalised feng shui.

On getting trained with further training, you can also join our trainers' pannel as teacher or consultants' pannel as consultant.