A two day residential stress release workshop is arranged every 4th weekend. This workshop is arranged on hill station or scenic location. Here, the participants are given support to release the old burdens of stress. They are given specially designed Strress Release exercises, diet & tips. Number of seats in every workshop is specified on venue. Registrations for each workshop are accepted 6 weeks in advance. Every Registration made this way, is taken to be valid only with a full payment of fees. The fees for each workshop depend on the location of the workshop. They are announced with every workshop to those who completely fill and send their intent registrations form that is given given below.




      The levels of stress are increasing daily due to heavy work pressure, crowded transport modes and family issues. This has resulted in a marked increase in lifestyle diseases. People need help, but do not know where to seek. Many don’t know what can help them, as they feel that stress is a part of life. Though what they think is partially true, they can always get a systematic relaxation. People choose to hold on to stress unknowingly. This is due to their attitude towards stress. We help the participants to be aware of this attitude and shift it. If their attitude towards stress shifts, the same situations produce much less stress and they lead a healthier and happier life within the same surroundings. We do exactly this during this workshop.

     This workshop offers ways to puncture stress, making us feel lighter in a small time. It gives some easy physical and mental exercises to release stress without exhausting as well as time to time discourse sessions to show ways to handle various situations, and leading to the most sensible patterns of thoughts and attitudes one can have in life while dealing with many daily life hassles and daily life problems and pressures that cannot be avoided.

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